Patients participating in the COMET trial wear the system continuously but can make breaks during their daily use of the system, as long as the average time on TTFields throughout the entire treatment period is kept at 18 hours per day. The treating physician might modify the treatment schedule and use of the device as needed.

Novocure provides the patients with around the clock technical support through a local Device Support Specialist (DSS).  While the DSS provides a comprehensive technical support, the medical team continues to address any medical questions and to makes all treatment decisions together with the patient.

The use of the NovoTTF-100M System requires shaving of the scalp and continuous operation of a medical device. Naturally, some patients may be concerned about their appearance or their lifestyle while using the system.

To address these concerns, the NovoTTF-100M System was carefully designed to allow patients to maintain their lifestyle without interference to their normal daily routine, such as walking outdoors, shopping, and meeting friends and family. The treating physician can consult ahead of time regarding any activity in question. In addition, the local DSS can provide information for lifestyle concerns.

Novocure can provide as many portable batteries as needed for patients who maintain active lifestyle, which includes outdoor activity. The transducer arrays placed on the shaved scalp can be completely covered by a wig, a scarf or a hat. Many options are available and financial support for the desired solution may be provided by Novocure according to each trial center’s policy (please consult with your medical team for information about such financial support) and pursuant to Novocure’s approval.

The wires coming out of the transducer arrays can be easily concealed underneath the patient’s clothes. By doing so, the bag carrying the system may be the only element of the NovoTTF-100M System visible to others.
The carrying bag is provided by Novocure to each patient and can be used as a backpack, a shoulder or a side (cross-body) bag. The carrying bag blends well with mainstream bag trends.

While the total weight of the system including a battery is around 3 kilograms, the vast majority of patients will not be physically carrying the system most of the time, but will rather use it while it is continuously placed in one location (e.g. on a desk, a table or on the floor inside the carrying bag).

The use of the device will not interfere with household or personal electrical devices. There is no exposure of TTFields to non-users such as co-workers and family members.