HEPANOVA is a phase II single arm open-label trial designed for patients diagnosed with advanced hepatocellular cancer that are not eligible for standard local therapies or surgery. Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most widespread type of cancer that originates from the liver. The current common standard treatment for patients with advanced disease and those who progressed on loco-regionally therapies is systemic therapy with sorafenib. This trial will test the efficacy and safety of NovoTTF-100L(P) device in combination with sorafenib treatment. The device will deliver Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) to the abdominal region, where the tumor is located.

Novocure, the trial sponsor, maintains this website to help patients get basic information about the clinical trial and facilitate their accessibility to medical centers that offer participation in the trial. This study is now closed for enrollment. If you have questions concerning your medical condition and recommended treatment, please consult with your treating doctor.

The NovoTTF-100L(P) System is not approved by regulatory agencies for the treatment of liver cancer. Therefore, the safety and efficacy of TTFields in this condition are still unknown, and will be evaluated in this clinical trial [The HEPANOVA Trial].