What is the objective of this study?

This pilot study is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of TTFields Treatment together with a standard immunotherapy agent, pembrolizumab for first line treatment of advanced or metastatic intrathoracic NSCLC.

How can I participate in the KEYNOTE B36 study?

Please contact an investigator at the study center closest to you. You may also contact Novocure, the study sponsor, if you need assistance reaching a study center [Contact Us].

What are the expected side effects of TTFields?

The use of NovoTTF-200T is not expected to have systemic side effects, based on our clinical data to date. Patients have experienced skin irritation beneath the transducer arrays. For more information, see Science of TTFields.

When TTFields are delivered, the arrays may cause mild warming and tingling of the skin underneath them.

Please consult with a study physician at one of the centers participating in the study for additional information about potential side effects from using NovoTTF-200T and the other treatments in the KEYNOTE B36 clinical study [KEYNOTE B36 Centers].

Do I need to carry the device all the time?

Patients may not necessarily be physically carrying the device most of the time, but will rather use it while it is continuously placed in one location (e.g. on a desk, a table or on the floor inside the carrying bag). The device was designed to allow the performance of normal daily routines. The device and the portable battery weigh about 1.3 kilograms, or 2.7 pounds, altogether and can be carried in a dedicated shoulder bag or backpack when walking around.

Will the use of TTFields pose any risk to family members or other people?

The use of the device will not interfere with household or standard personal electrical devices. There is no exposure of TTFields to non-users, such as co-workers and family members.

How will the device affect my social life?

You can use the device while maintaining most of your daily routines. The arrays will be concealed underneath your clothes. The Device Support Specialist (DSS) will offer help and support related to appearance issues if you are using TTFields. For additional information, please see Living with TTFields.