Patients participating in the KEYNOTE B36 study use the device continuously for an average of at least 18 hours a day, but may take breaks during daily use for some activities. The treating physician may modify the treatment schedule and use of the device as needed.

Novocure will provide device support to patients and caregivers.

Please note: While the DSS provides comprehensive technical support, direct all medical questions to your study clinician.

Using the NovoTTF-200T Device

The NovoTTF-200T device is intended for continuous use for at least 18 hours a day. The device does not interfere with household or personal electrical devices. There is no exposure of TTFields to non-users, such as co-workers and family members.

What does it look like?

NovoTTF-200T is a wearable, portable device. Use of the device requires shaving of the chest and back and the application of four adhesive patches called arrays to the torso.  Naturally, some patients may be concerned about their appearance or their lifestyle while using the device. The arrays and the wires connecting to the device can be concealed underneath the patient’s clothes. By doing so, the bag carrying the device may be the only element of the NovoTTF-200T device visible to others. The medical team will provide personalized assistance specific to each patient on how best to wear the device.

In addition to regularly shaving their chest, patients will regularly change their arrays to ensure continuous treatment. The medical team will assist in creating a plan and instructing patients on array placement.

The device is designed to allow patients to maintain their lifestyle without interference to their daily routines. Consult the treating physician ahead of time regarding any activity in question. In addition, the DSS can provide information to address lifestyle concerns.

The device bag can be worn as a shoulder bag, a backpack, a messenger bag, or hand-held. The total weight of the device including a battery is around 1.3 kilograms, or 2.7 pounds. Novocure can provide as many portable batteries as needed.

In order to ensure continuous treatment, patients will plug NovoTTF-200T in to an AC adapter when staying in a location for more than a few hours.